Limited Time Amazon Promotion

Tomorrow 1/17 is the last day to take advantage of Diminishing Return $.99 Ebooks
$10.95 Paperbacks will be available until 1/31
I hope you will check it out. If you do, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to contact me through the contact page on

Joseph D. Newcomer

(and other news)

The Diminishing Return paperback is now on sale for the promotional price of $10.95 on Amazon for the rest of January. Just in case you spent too much money over the holidays like I did, but you still want to check out my book. For those of you who prefer to read digitally, the Ebook will be only $.99 from 1.11.20- 1.18.20. Save $2.00 on the paperback and have access to the digital version for free or save $3.00 on the digital only copy. As always, all proceeds go toward buying chocolate and comic books for Ariella Nova Newcomer. (It’s a worthy cause for sure!)

If you’ve already read Diminishing Return and enjoyed it, get a sale copy for someone you think will enjoy it or lend them your copy and never get it back. (We all know what friends mean when they say borrow) If…

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