To Finity & Below

Value is dependent on perception, perceived value. If the average human is unable to perceive the value of, let’s say, intelligence, intelligence would then have no value. Worth is measured by popularity amongst the masses, not by any measurable benefit to mankind. If you want to understand the bigger issues, it would be telling to examine the popularity of Beanie Babies or any number of other purposeless, meaningless trash we hold dear. We gave civilization, civilized society a solid shot. We’re just not capable of it. As we attempt to search the cosmos for intelligent life, it’s reasonable to believe that we’d be better served to start here, on Earth.

There is simply no need to waste resources building a spaceship to conduct a futile search for intelligent life when you could simply drive around in your car and achieve the same result.


  1. I am not reblogging this although I would love to, as I am in the process of learning enough to migrate my blog to a new site. You hit the nail on the head. We should learn to get along with those of us human beings that look a little different than ourselves before we venture into the great unknown. The surprised we are in for will rock us right to our core is we don’t come to grips with how we are different and still are the same. Stay safe.

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    1. You can always feel free to reblog anything I write whenever you are able or see fit to. Thank you for always reading my posts with an open mind and for joining in on the conversation. Against all reasonability and logic, you are 100% correct, we certainly are in for many more surprises if we don’t begin to objectively evaluate our own shortcomings and see the value of other people. This doesn’t match my general irreverence, but it is no less what I think.


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