Amidst the Madding Crowd & Meowing Nuns

Of all the things in all the world I hope to never be, it’s a person who’s convinced they know things that we can only just believe. 

Of all of the species on the planet, we are the only one that attempts to convince itself that it knows things that it can only truly believe. We charge ourselves with evangelizing the unlike-minded, but it is only to bolster and justify our own beliefs. There is no real comfort in these self-deceptions, so we grasp for the solace of commonality in a shared delusion. This is how better judgment moves aside to make way for the ignorant notions of fear and hate that bind the broken masses more tightly and completely than we could ever be united by any idea of compassion.

We are good because we are right. We are right because we agree. We wield the strength of numbers. We are the madding crowd. Now! Quick! Before any of us come to our senses, someone think of something horrible we can do to prove how wonderful we are, how much better and more right than anyone else. 

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