The Meek Denouement

Once upon a time, a bunch of take-no-shit savages built big business from the ground up. Their only care was for success, succeeding at capitalism, and they did. They accomplished creating products and services that the public needed or creating a need for the products and services they made with a complete lack of regard for consequence, for anyone else, and in many cases, knowingly to the detriment of others. They crushed the competition. They took what they wanted, which was everything. Incredible feats of architecture rose into the sky, monuments mirroring their net worth. They propagated. Years later, their benefactors reaped the whirlwind of the fortunes made on the backs of those who would never fully benefit from them. Generations passed with recessing genetics and hand-me-down entitlements with the funds to back them. The world we now see around us is the world inherited by the meek. The adage has been realized, and, much like everything else, it is not what we would have hoped for or expected.

The Meek Denouement is the third post in a continuing series. To read the first two installments, The Meek Misconception & The Meek Continuation, click on the pictures below.

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