Society Exhumed (The Curse of Liberty)

One evening, before I knew him as well as I know him now, before I fully understood when he was being sarcastic or pulling my leg, my friend, Chris Ottena, told me it was his opinion that The Mummy was the greatest film trilogy of all time. Now, I was pretty intoxicated, so there’s a possibility that I just missed the joking tone he must have had, so I was totally confused and moderately offended. I was certain that no one could possibly believe what it was that he’d just said. I asked if he was serious. He told me adamantly that he couldn’t be more serious. My mind reeled-how in the hell could anyone think this? I told him that what he said was an absolute abomination. I spoke my case several wildly exasperated times over. After an hour of this, he began to laugh. He was fucking with me. It was a great joke, and it was absurdly well played for a million reasons. Lately, I’ve been struggling to put my finger on my current feelings toward society. I remembered The Mummy Incident, and it clicked. I feel exactly the way I did for that hour before Chris began to laugh.

I cannot express my desire to hear society’s twisted, dark, hearty chuckle followed by a jovial,

“Ah, I was just fucking with ya!”


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