Society Exhumed (The Curse of Liberty)

One evening, before I knew him as well as I know him now, before I fully understood when he was being sarcastic or pulling my leg, my friend, Chris Ottena, told me it was his opinion that The Mummy was the greatest film trilogy of all time. Now, I was pretty intoxicated, so there’s a [...]

The Ruminant Fates of Man

Everyone makes a difference, much of it is done unintentionally. The results are as equally horrifying as those we supposedly learned from. Judge evil by the desired outcomes, but don’t dismiss the wrong done when done absentmindedly, even if the probable eventualities have not or not yet been reached.  We labored under the false pretense [...]

The Moderation Defamation

(Death of the Middle) At the same time, the most terrifying and the most useful thought a person can have: “What if they’re right, and I’m wrong?” We see other people as beyond human form. They are the savior or the Antichrist, or the Devil or as praise worthy as ancient idols, they are the [...]