Plight at the End of the Tunnel

It’s a strange transition to watch, people losing their objectivity, becoming so oblivious to the outside world as their lives inevitably collapse into the tiny, situational microcosms of their existence. You can view it happening to others, but you can never truly grasp when it is happening to you, and, of course, it is, to all of us. Our worlds expand quickly, at first, then shrink into silent obscurity.


  1. Something I’ve thought about a lot as I’ve observed people over time. And not that I’ve become a technical adult and hit my twilight years at 30, lol, I do think of it in regard to myself. Sets me up for some anxiety filled evenings.

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    1. I guess all we can really be is aware of it, try to acknowledge it, and do our best to steer ourselves out of the slide. It is definitely anxiety inspiring, but that’s when a strong cocktail and a little bit of distraction comes in handy. Thanks for always stopping by to read my posts. I truly appreciate it.

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  2. At my age, I have had several transitions, and this one put me on the ropes! I now can see the light or plight at the end of the tunnel, as for the last 4 years, I couldn’t even see the tunnel. Things are a little better as I head over the hill kicking and screaming.

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  3. I sometimes feel like I have a superpower, simply because I look around and am aware of what’s going on. People seem so wrapped up in… something. Themselves? Their devices? Their myriad of thoughts? Their drama? I’m not sure. One place I notice it most is driving around. A lot of cars on the road seem driven by people who are not really there.
    I agree that people seem to be losing their objectivity and ability to think clearly. They seem so easily triggered! I am trying to be more steady and unflappable, for the sake of my friends and family who sometimes need a steadying force in these weird times.
    Thanks for blogging! 🙂

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