Fault’s Dilemma

(Us, Love it or Leave it) I'm reposting this piece because it was the second half of my podcast episode from earlier this week. You can check out the full episode below. I also wanted to give everyone a preview of a very special blog post that will also be my 25th episode of The [...]

Decency Demonized

When people tell you not to care, they are trying to absolve themselves of their own guilt. You go right ahead and keep giving a shit. Most of us are beaten down by life so much that we no longer have the energy to care. Some of us are just so ignorant that we cannot [...]

The Deception of Desperation

Seeing anything as absolute keeps you from understanding anything beyond what you’ve limited yourself to understanding. It’s not knowledge that would lead a person to this end, it is desperation. Desperation begs for an ultimate answer when an ultimate answer is an unknowable impossibility. You simply cannot know. You can believe. That will need to [...]