Fault’s Dilemma

(Us, Love it or Leave it)

I’m reposting this piece because it was the second half of my podcast episode from earlier this week. You can check out the full episode below. I also wanted to give everyone a preview of a very special blog post that will also be my 25th episode of The Thought & Other Absurdities Podcast, which will be released Tuesday 11/9 at 7 AM Eastern. To commemorate 25 episodes, I wrote a piece that is particularly important to me. It’s about accepting the ignorance of our past in order to move forward. It is dedicated to our finest teachers and educators who champion progress and critical forward-thinking–who do not mire themselves in antiquated ideas–who teach us to acknowledge our mistakes and make changes. Find a preview video at the end of this post. Find The Thought & Other Absurdities Podcast most places you find podcasts. Please take a moment to follow or subscribe to the podcast wherever you listen and invite your favorite teachers and educators to do the same. We owe the good ones a debt of gratitude that can never be repaid, but perhaps we can make them feel a little more appreciated. Back to today’s post, here is Fault’s Dilemma:

The illusion of choice gives us the misplaced pride and paranoia we need to dislocate ourselves from one another–from our suspiciously obvious commonalities. We are now, more so than ever, controlled and convinced that the counterfeit dichotomy of either/or is an easier “truth” to accept. We celebrate our fall into the drummed pulse of logic which masks its own fallacy–convinced it’s an easier “reason” to understand. The clods of all of us move on from apathy and into the hive-mind of fanaticism. Some are marked, the rest are not, but all have been assigned in some way to one thing or another.

Love it-leave it

View a preview of my next podcast episode dedicated to teachers everywhere here:


  1. With great power (vested in those who teach) comes great responsibility. It is my opinion too many who believe themselves teachers today are not. Teach me not [your] truths; show me how to find my own truth.

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