The Suggestive Corruptive

Especially in a society rife with corruption, though it could have the same result in any, it is easiest to gain the trust of others and to convince them that what you are saying is true if you first convince them that everything else may not be. Accepting that most everything is a lie is a less harrowing task than maintaining objectivity and making uncomfortable decisions based on evidence that may go against our established beliefs and decided ignorances. Utopia and dystopia are sometimes separated only by a suggestion


  1. re: formating. It might help you to put the illustration above or below the text. Otherwise, the text gets shunted to the side like that. Mine at least would only do it during the illustration, but most do it all the way.

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    1. I think the only thing that may not be chaotic is that there is order in that people will mostly always do what is in their self-interest. Good or bad as one may view it, entire civilizations can be affected by one person’s self-interests. And maybe that is chaos LOL.

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