What If We Are All the Same Person?

This was my first Thought & Other Absurdities blog post over 2 years ago. I still truly believe all of this, and I think it applies more every day as we see how destructive humanity’s hate for itself is and has always been. This world may have been built for no reason at all, and it may mean little to nothing at all aside from what we decide it means. We desperately need to decide that it means more than our absurd tribalism, more than finding a way to force our will on others, more than trying to lay claim to superiority and ensure that ourselves and those we feel are most like us have more seats at the table. This place is the most unimaginably beautiful fucking buffet with endless seating unless a majority of us, who can choose to make it any other way, choose to make it less than what it truly is.

If any of this is too vague, my apologies. To be clear, we need to eradicate bigotry in all of its forms.

Joseph D. Newcomer

What if we are all the same person, but we just look and act differently based on a multitude of superficial external and situational variables? What if the real point to existence is figuring out that not only are we connected, but that we are really just one being, that we all experience everything that happens to us exactly the same, that our only difference is what we experience and how that changes us, that all of our doubt, mistrust, hate, all of our longing for connection and our feelings of isolation and apathy are misplaced, and we actually could not be anymore alike or connected, that empathy for others is the closest we get to loving ourselves and the only emotion that approaches an understanding to our existence?

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  1. It’s a nice thought, but the race-baiters from LBJ to now know they can control people when they control the narrative. And it looks like they’ve made it such a toxic issue now that any solution is going to be generations away.


    1. These conditioned understandings of our world can stop with us. A toxic narrative is only effective with uninformed. We cannot simply blame it on Race-Baiting Politicians, though I would love for that to be the only problem. Their campaigns and techniques are the process of marketing studies which proved with numbers just how effective doing and saying these disgusting things would be. The ignorance and hate of the masses is the issue. Some deeply disturbed politicians simply took advantage of it for their political gain. I agree that significant change can take time, but it’s on us, not them. It is also imperative that we swing the zeitgeist away from this by boldly stating our opinions in opposition to the tragedies of sexism, racism, homophobia, and transphobia. When ignorant people know they are summarily opposed, their mob mentality gets smothered until hate only exists in the dark, filthy shadows. Then the work can begin to push that mentality and ignorance away from the purview of future generations. If we are defeatist about it, we will prolong it.


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