Help Dead Star Press Get More Weird Out Into The World

We are getting very close to being ready to publish our first promo book. Our LLC is officially approved and we have a bank account. It’s like DEAD STAR PRESS is all grown up. But we could still use all of the help we can get to offset startup costs. Please click below to donate and help us get more weird out into the world. All donations over $10 will receive a free copy of our first planned publication which will be a collection of posts from my Thought & Other Absurdities blog. If we meet our goal, higher donations of over $100 will receive promotional logo merchandise to be determined. Any amount will be greatly appreciated.

In case you are unfamiliar with what we are doing, I am asking for donations that will provide the start-up capital needed to realize my goal of growing DEAD STAR PRESS LLC into a competitive, independent publisher of Speculative Fiction, Science Fiction, Social Commentary, and anything weird enough to abduct the mind. My goal is not only to publish my own works through the press but also to publish and support other authors like myself who have been excluded, by no fault of their talents, from achieving traditional publishing. If you can’t beat them, join them, then beat them.      

Help us get more weird out into the world.


Unpretentious Unconventional Unfuckwithable Independent Publishing


  1. I am a poor writer but will reblog to help. Will you be acting like a traditional publisher? I have considered applying to many places to get my stuff published, however, it appears that it is a money-making project for them and not a lot of benefit for the writer. I am a natural skeptic. Good luck and I will follow our progress.

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    1. We will be doing traditional publishing. We don’t have funds to do extensive marketing, but the books we publish will be advertised in Ingramspark’s catalog that goes out to all retailers and libraries. We will do some social media ads as well, and we will work with each author to help them try to get their work in their local bookstores. We will not be charging fees of any sort for reading or for publishing. We will provide simple contracts and collect a percentage on sales, then provide the author with their royalties per the contractual agreement. If an author would like us to do additional paid advertising, above and beyond what we have planned for each title through our channels, we will work with them on fees.


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