Idol Man is the Devil Aground

We have no needs, no real drive, and we can’t be bothered to understand this passion in others. We are full bellies in a grocery store, unaffected by desire. And so, we stagnate in boredom and ennui, hoping to find the intangible thing that we feel we’re missing, which is our want for a need, for a purpose. We tire of having the world at our fingertips without a meaningful reason to fight for anything. Weakened with privilege, we trouble ourselves with finding other reasons while progress stalls in wasted abundance.

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  1. I agree 100%…we all need a purpose, we all need to struggle. No one appreciates that which comes easily. As a nation—as has most of the Western world, we have become soft, bored, and lazy. And I fear that will be our downfall.

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