Subjugation Ruling the Nation

I wonder about the type of person or entity that would be interested in grand declarations of faith, love, and loyalty. I wonder, and I imagine that a human, creature, or deity requiring such displays would be undeserving of them for the same reasons they require them. We are not the things that are demanded [...]

Je$u$ On Paper

We are all so intent on finding the great conspiracy of our society that we've been blinded to evident realities. Seemingly, there would have to be something hidden if so many agree that there is. There are countless notions of what the big, dark, secret agendas are, but maybe there is only one particular thing [...]

The Deception of Desperation

Seeing anything as absolute keeps you from understanding anything beyond what you’ve limited yourself to understanding. It’s not knowledge that would lead a person to this end, it is desperation. Desperation begs for an ultimate answer when an ultimate answer is an unknowable impossibility. You simply cannot know. You can believe. That will need to [...]