Darkest Day, The Premise of My Next Novel

My next novel is now finished, and I am in the process of seeking representation. This can take some time. In some cases, it’s more than a year before you hear anything back from agents and publishers. I wanted all of you to know what it is about and that, regardless of how these submissions to agencies go, the book will be released. Here is the premise of what I’ve been working on for the last year and a half. Let me know what you think.

Beta Sciences saved the world, but two years after Darkest Day killed a third of humanity, the rest are left with an epidemic of infertility. Chris struggles with his inability to give his wife a child. Though he doesn’t particularly want a child, he would do just about anything to make Cecilia happy. This isn’t his only problem. He still hates his job, and he’d rather die than have to talk to his unrelentingly aggravating brother-in-law/neighbor and his enormous, insulting cartoon teeth. However, what concerns him most is he isn’t nearly as concerned as he should be about any of it. 

In truth, his worst annoyances are his greatest comforts. A job that used to be the bane of his existence and his irritating brother-in-law are the only real connections he still has to his life before Darkest Day. He pretends, even to himself, that he’d like to avoid them, but they offer his only sense of normalcy. Desperation for his old life binds him to play out his days pretending to be the man he used to be but no longer is. 

When a unique opportunity to give his wife a child arises, his compassion for her outweighs his misgivings about being a father. While Chris was never sure he wanted a baby, he is positive he never wanted this. After a technological nightmare destroys his fragile reality, he’ll wish he could go back to acting like he’s not happy instead of being forced to pretend he is.

With the socially conscious heart of The Twilight Zone and the comedic sensibility of the film, Office Space, Darkest Day delves into the dangers of technology and idolatry. It is steeped in humor but offers a sharp look at how our choices and our compassion define us as human beings.  

Music has always had a huge impact on my writing. If you’ve read my other work, I’m sure you noticed. Darkest Day is no exception. As I have with my other books, I created a Spotify playlist as a soundtrack to inspire me while writing. Some of these songs are specifically referenced in the actual manuscript, some are what I added to help set my mood, and some just fit with the plot and tone of the book. It’s a very eclectic mix of music. If you like my writing, my music, or if you just like music in general, I think you’ll enjoy it. Below, you will find a link for the Darkest Day playlist and a link to my Spotify profile where you can follow me and all of my playlists including playlists for Diminishing Return, El Camino Blue, and a few others. Click the pictures to go to the playlists and my profile. I hope you love them as much as I do.

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