Fame Fatale

One of the difficulties of life in the present is that everyone knows that they’re really only one viral video away from fame, riches, and stardom. Generations before us saw those things as pipe dreams that only the most resilient could even begin to think of as achievable, so settling for something believed to be lesser wasn’t the worst fate imaginable. Now, with the perceived ease of wild, undeserved success staring us all in the back of our phones, when we aren’t able to achieve what seems so reasonably attainable, life seems even more cruel and unusual. Perhaps this is part of the reason so very many of us feel dissatisfied.

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    1. I think the only benefit may be that the mystique surrounding celebrity has been slightly unveiled. In recent years we’ve seen how celebrity has negatively affected so many famous people, and how equally flawed they are as the rest of us. Maybe if that continues, the allure will fade. Probably not likely though.

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