As Seen In Dreams

Listen to As Seen In Dreams and more here.

We have an expanding working knowledge of how to modify the contents of our dreams. Soon our subconscious will be commodified. The blank space of our sleep, the billboards of the future, we are the opportunity-product to be bought and sold, to be vied for in a race for financial superiority. We will rest but only physically. Our consumer brains will continue on, traversing the nightmarish landscapes of perpetual marketing, and when we wake, we will buy, baby! Buy buy buy.

It is already our reality—faceless, profiting intermediaries selling time slots of our lives, bits of our existence (something that’s simply not theirs to sell) as impression-potential to the highest bidder and for that which we should be generously compensated, we only happily beg to pay more for our victimization. 

As we’ve grown so accustomed to saying, take my money.



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Thought & Other Absurdities is a collection of modern witticisms, thought provocations, & other absurdities from the mind of Joseph D. Newcomer, author of Diminishing Return, El Camino Blue, and the soon-to-be-released through Dead Star Press, SciFi mind-fuck novel, Darkest Day.

Originally posted on the Thought & Other Absurdities blog at, these brief essays are rife with the social commentary and compassion-invoking prose you have come to expect from Newcomer, but with a more direct and pointed purpose than his novels. This collection is designed to offer the reader daily vignettes of societal considerations to engage the mind well beyond the few moments it takes to read each entry. It is simultaneously thought-altering and painfully relatable.

Also, if you’re a writer, please check out the Dead Star Press Submissions Page. We want all of your weirdness.

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