Ruse Your Illusion

Another past episode put to podcast. Enjoy!

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Man created money, government, and religion. These come from our minds, our imaginations inspired by what may or may not be divine influence and our self-decided needs. They were meant to invoke and satisfy our desire and need for fairness, kindness, and motivation, to prevent the overwhelming sadness that the knowledge of the brevity and possible finality of this existence and the apathy that understanding would cause, all of which benefit the preservation of society.

Now, they are only used to dictate an individual’s value. Our worth is decided by people we put in charge of things we made up, things that have only subjective, perceived value, things that have no intrinsic utility, imaginary things used to determine the worth of real people with invaluable life. How very little we are willing to accept in trade for that life.

Here is our vast depth of thought, a majority of our finite time, our overwhelming and fading will, our faith, our soul if it exists, our kindness and empathy, and our manual, functional, and deteriorating body for a few forced patronizing words and a couple of tokens with which to pay for the least possible amount of sustenance that will allow for us to keep serving our most highly regarded conceptual fictions of conjured relevance in return.

I fear we’ve made grave errors in the initial stages of this design. 



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Thought & Other Absurdities is a collection of modern witticisms, thought provocations, & other absurdities from the mind of Joseph D. Newcomer, author of Diminishing Return, El Camino Blue, and the soon-to-be-released through Dead Star Press, SciFi mind-fuck novel, Darkest Day.

Originally posted on the Thought & Other Absurdities blog at, these brief essays are rife with the social commentary and compassion-invoking prose you have come to expect from Newcomer, but with a more direct and pointed purpose than his novels. This collection is designed to offer the reader daily vignettes of societal considerations to engage the mind well beyond the few moments it takes to read each entry. It is simultaneously thought-altering and painfully relatable.

Also, if you’re a writer, please check out the Dead Star Press Submissions Page. We want all of your weirdness.

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