The Rebellion Conformity

In the case of humanity, the whole is less than the sum of its parts. We’ve still got the guns, but our days are numbered. Sorry we let you down, Jim.

The worst of humanity require the anonymity of belonging to a large group of like-minded others. In most any type of group, once our individuality can be masked, the true nature of man shouts its ignorances into the sea of muted but understood collective voice. Riots, rallies, religions, the raucous and witless “repartee,” if you want to know what people are in the sunken hells of their being—how we yearn deep in our sickened rage to be, watch how we behave in these collections, the atrocities of which we are capable, and how confidently validated we feel in our opinions. The huddled and herded masses, less human than the pack animals before us, trudge along, million footed and led by the empty mouthed.


“I don’t know who needs to hear this, but no one needs to hear it.”

My more significant other had one of my social media quotes put on a t-shirt as a gift to me, but I thought I’d let everyone have a chance to buy one. This will most likely be the highlight of my writing career, LOL. It comes in a bunch of colors. Click below to find it on Amazon.


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