The Jawbone of an Asshole

If you are confused and unsure who to trust, I hope this will be helpful. The easy answer is no one. And that may be entirely true, but you still have to make decisions based on the available information. In politics, as is in the rest of life, you can only really trust a person of reasonably sound mind to do the thing that they feel is going to save their own ass or to allow them to be successful in whatever it is that they do.

Imagine a car salesman who works at a economy brand and price dealership. Imagine he tells you about how the economy brand car he is trying to sell you is the best make and model on the road. So, you buy the car. The next day, you pull up next to him at a red light. He’s driving a car that is not the make and model that you purchased. He’s actually driving a much more expensive foreign model that he told you was a waste of your money-that your car was a much better vehicle. His true opinion is that the car he purchased is better, but he doesn’t benefit from telling you the truth.

On the other hand, let’s say he does work at the dealership that actually sells the best possible quality make and model of car, and he tells you this, and it’s the truth. So, you purchase that car. You bought the best car, yes, but he only told you the truth out of convenience because it’s what benefits him most. This is the same across the board in most scenarios. It’s a cliche for a reason, Pay attention to what people do, give much less regard to what they say to you.


  1. That car salesman is an asshole. Do your research on the internet first and tell them you won’t be taken advantage of (which is probably a signal to do that very thing, as I have often learned!). So I’m actually suggesting you do the OPPOSITE of whatever I advise. That’s probably the safest route to take!

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