Kenny Rogers Roasted

For this all to work as designed it has to operate like a casino. It’s predicated on the fact that most of us will lose and just keep putting more into the machine. The machine empties into one pocket. Money and happiness flow upward and work and misery flow down.

Kenny Rogers was mistaken. You never had a choice in the first place. There is no holding or folding, and you can’t walk away let alone run. You are, however, on a train bound for nowhere, but you’re in engine car with everyone else, shoveling your soot-black soul into the furnace to keep the machine moving toward its nowhere destination.

Listen to me read this post with bonus material below or find it most places you listen to podcasts.


  1. Great post and podcast. There’s something in this song that just grips a person’s soul. I think we’re all gamblers but the gamble is playing us. Not a very good feeling. But I still want to believe Kenny Rogers and his inspiring words. Yep! Humans are good at sugarcoating reality. 🙂

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    1. It’s tough not to side with the man who sang Islands In The Stream. LOL Perhaps he was just as duped as the rest of us. I fully understand that reality could use a serious sugar-coating, and some sprinkles and a cherry dip and maybe some euphoria-inducing drugs LOL. Thanks for always reading my stuff. I always appreciate your thoughts.

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  2. Anyone who writes about “weird shit and other stuff” is cool in my opinion. And for the record: before he was The Gambler, he was into “psychedelic rock” (think dream sequences from the Big Lebowski). I know every single word to “Just Dropped In (to See What Condition My Condition Was In)”. For karaoke purposes of course.
    Check it out, you might get some new respect for him. Though technically the Gambler and those damnable restaurants did come later. Come to think of it: you just roast away, Joseph D. Newcomer. 🥳😎

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    1. Lol thank you! I’m a big The Association fan and I’ve definitely listened to The First Edition. I think Kenny is great. I was really roasting the damnable, self-created, loathsome aspects of our existence. I just couldn’t resist all of The Gambler puns and irony. Lol Thanks for checking out the post and having something interesting to say about it. Super happy to chat with a fellow lover of weird shit and other stuff.

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  3. “Slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” as the bard calls them. I think in Macbeth, but I could be wrong (though I doubt it, because I got an A+ in 10th grade English). Anyway, sorry to keep up the conversation. I’m up to a whopping 20 followers over on my page, but you were my first, so I have a special place in my Purple Heart for you!💜 I’m about to go viral, I feel it in my bones. So please don’t freak out: it’s kind of a motherly thing. My only wish is that you find a cornucopia of happiness, success, or whatever the hell it is you want in life. And…when you get rich and famous, I’ll go see the movies they make of your books!! I’ll turn to my viewing companion and say: this whole blockbuster movie is based on the blockbuster NOVEL of the same name, who was actually my first follower on WordPress. In fact, I’ll be dropping your name all over town. You know, the way obnoxious people do.

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    1. I LOVE ALL OF THIS! Thank you! It’s so funny, I just did a bi on my podcast that was basically asking people to be obnoxious for me. Nice work on getting followers. It’s such an uphill battle. It’s taken me three years to get the ones I have. You’re on a better track than I was lol.

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    1. This link works. Thank you. Yeah, it’s weird, because clicking on your profile name should take people to your site. I’m not great with all of this, but I know you can do a quick online chat with WordPress and they could help you trouble shoot it.

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        1. Yeah, they’re pretty great. My girlfriend runs my sites, this one and Dead Star Press, and she uses the chat all of the time. While you’re talking to them, you should ask them to help fix the link in your “Blog” tab on your main page. When you click it, you get a similar error message. I bet the two issues are really just one issue. But honestly, I’m pretty dumb about this sort of thing.

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