Introverted Inverted

 If you are an introvert or have social anxiety issues in actual life, but you are able to talk about it on social media where millions of people can see your thoughts, you should know that’s a pretty big step for you. And here’s the clincher, people aren’t a quarter as judgmental in real life as they are online. Way fewer people are going to be as harsh about your thoughts to your face than they will be in the comments. When someone can see your face, the innate empathy that goes along with being a human in a human interaction takes over, and perhaps that’s why people can be so callous online. So, if you can do it online, you’re more brave than you would be to do it in real life.

P.S. I think you’re also doing a huge service to other people with similar feelings. It’s not just misery that loves company. Even if you prefer to be alone, I would imagine that it’s nice to know you’re not alone in that preference.




  1. I wholeheartedly agree. People have far more empathy in person and will generally be more understanding and accepting.

    For those of us who are introverts, or live with them, date them, or work with them, Susan Cain’s book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, is a phenomenal read.

    BTW, bought El Camino Blue and am about 1/3 through it. Really enjoyed your thoughts on the power of an actual, physical, letter.

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    1. Wow! Thanks so much. That was my first book. It’s the self-indulgent, semiautobiographical novel a first-time writer is not supposed to publish, but I said what the hell. Yes, we have strayed far from the humane nature of direct interaction. Now that we are getting a better look at what people are actually like, untethered from the decency of real life, on social media, it’s pretty hard to not relate with people who want little to do with other people. You can’t blame them. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the book. I’d love to hear your thoughts on my second novel, Diminishing Return. I think this post very much relates to that story.


  2. This is really interesting. I’m an introvert and mostly like to stay quiet. But when it comes to writing, I’m the complete opposite. I could write on and on, but if I had to say the same thing, I’d probably avoid it or just keep it really short. Like right now. I could add another ten lines and still feel like I have more to say, but the same thing would probably not survive in a conversation. Haha! That’s really crazy. Maybe some childhood traits still going strong. Great post! 🙂

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