Deep State Hypnosis

I think we’re all going to feel a little silly about all of this bickering and arguing when we wake up and find out that it’s 1997, and the past 25 years were just a hypnotic dream state due to subliminal messages that Bill Clinton had covert governmental agencies add to the aptly named Hypnotize song by The Notorious B.I.G. in an effort to suppress outrage over the Monica Lewinski situation. This also explains the untimely demise of Biggie Smalls, AKA Big Poppa. Operation Deep State Hypnosis was designed to give us decades of reasons and dire world circumstances to desensitize us to any wrongdoings of the current administration, and, so far, has been an astounding success.

Hey, if everyone else is allowed to make up wild conspiracy theories, so can I.

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Satire, Joseph D. Newcomer, Thought and Other Absurdities


  1. There’s no evidence against it, therefore it must be true.

    But seriously, given the events of the last 20 years, combined with prolific use of the internet, I can understand why people believe this stuff. But replace “stupidity” with “incompetence” in Hanlon’s Razor and suddenly things start to make sense.

    People just can’t square the fact that the powers that be are laughably incompetent

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