Judge Jury and Protozoan Parasite

1/3 of the population is infected with a protozoan parasite found largely in domesticated cats. The parasite causes its host a loss of intelligent fear for legitimate threats to its well-being. 

I guess that explains the popularity of No Fear brand tee shirts in the early 90s

It’s just lovely that we live in a time when we view everything as a challenge to our individuality, intelligence, and freedom as if we feel like we are being dared to do something against our will. We’re like stubborn toddlers in a morning power struggle to not wear our pants. It’s like, c’mon, assholes, can’t we just wash our hands? No one is going to think we’re any less of individuals for having proper hygiene.

When it feels like we’re being judged, we might do better to just consider that it may just be that people are actually rooting for us, hoping we’ll make rational decisions for our well-being. Perhaps, it’s just everyone wanting to believe we’re not complete idiots, and we’re just making it difficult for anyone else to believe anything else.

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