Goldfish Arsonists From The Future

Recently, scientists taught a goldfish to drive. Seriously, look it up. Like we couldn’t find anything else for our scientists to be working on? This is what we’re doing? This is the reason people from the future don’t trust us with time travel.

I always love it when humanity lives up to its true potential. Sometimes, it’s as if we’re actively trying to get whatever created us and any possible extraterrestrial life to hate us. Maybe there is a silver lining, though. Who knows, maybe this research will lead to a scientific breakthrough in figuring out a way to teach people how to drive.

Have we ever considered that maybe we haven’t met time travelers from the future because there isn’t a future? If the present is any indication, I don’t think it’s entirely out of the question to speculate that maybe we don’t last long enough to figure it out.

Some people discount the possibility of time travel by saying, “Well, if it’s possible in the distant future, don’t you think we would have met time travelers by now?” I don’t think that disputes time travel in the least. Another option may be that we have met time travelers. Maybe they’re just smart enough to not tell us about it. It’s my guess that if there are time-traveling visitors from the future, they’re not sharing the secrets of time travel with us because they don’t want us to go to the future and fuck it up worse than we already did.

It would be like giving an arsonist a can of gas and directions to your house.


  1. Maybe there’s some kind of phenomenon that we don’t understand in which time travelers going backwards can’t take future knowledge with them, and someone in the future has to pull them back. But travelers can go forward and return on their own. I dunno, just thinking out loud.

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  2. Love it! I would not rule out Time Travelers for so many reasons. I am a Time Traveler, myself! LOL! Future humans HAVE to be smarter than we are, and would NOT be so stupid as to tell us they’re from the future because they would know the past!

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