The Ethics of Blasphemy (Je$u$ on Paper Part III)

“It’s perfectly legal.” is the calling card of someone who is doing something void of morals and ethics. Policy follows money cloaked in false faith. A befitting punishment-an end-all in the question of whether or not life is “fair” would be these individuals being punished for their sins in the exact ways that they pretend to believe.

What is acceptable, fair, right, and just is no longer dictated by morality, decency, law, constitution, or religion. Maybe it never was. These notions are dictated by money, the market, and popularity. People, politicians, shareholders, they’ll pretend that morality, decency, law, constitution, and religion played a crucial role in their decision-making when, and only when, they stand to profit more from doing so.

Welcome to another heretical economy. It’s not the first. We can only hope it is the last.

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  1. I didn’t know that about Maslow. That’s interesting.

    Maybe it’s the pessimist in me, but I’ve given up on wishing for ethics and economics to align. Any system conceived will give rise to a new “market” which can be exploited for personal gain, either monetarily, political, or any other form of value (hence my big break with the Marxists…along with a plethora of other reasons). Additionally, I think there’s something hardwired in the human psyche to find a lack of satisfaction.

    Which is why I think a good dystopian novel would be about how a totally equitable modern society functions if all of its needs were completely fulfilled. Where would our angst come from then?

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