Kiss My New Butt

We are living in a renaissance of stupidity.

An educator was recently fired for reading a children’s book to, get this, children.

A book, mind you, that makes kids comfortable about talking about their insecurities to the end of realizing we all have them while also being fun enough to get children interested in reading. Clearly, this type of madness and debauchery must be stopped. Add this to the long list of unanswerable questions ending with, “what in the actual fuck?”

What I’m really hearing from all of this is that droves of adults are openly admitting that they are incapable of comprehending the meaning behind books written for children. So brave!

Read them and understand them before you ban them. 

If you need a new butt like the child in the story, I imagine the head of the person who got this educator fired would be a perfectly sufficient and mostly unnoticeable replacement.

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  1. If we’re living in the renaissance of stupidity then call me the renaissance man!

    But I’m always surprised that there are adults who are still trying to run this play in the 21st century. What dumbass is actually offended by this book?

    I mean, I’m a southern gentleman myself, but as I always tell my son: “nothing good happens in Mississippi.”

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    1. LOL, I wouldn’t paint you with that brush, (even if we are all quite stupid, this seems like a higher level of asininery) I’ve never visited Mississippi, though it always did sound cool to me, but this story is not a good look.

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    1. LOL, I’m glad you connected with this. Part of me wonders and chuckles thinking someone might be reading this and thinking, “Damn, this guy is stupid!” HAHAHA Maybe we all are to varying degrees.


  2. No butts about it. Stupidity and irrationality are here to stay. Not that they weren’t around before. It’s just that without voices and words to expose them, they blended into the backdrop perfectly. That says a lot about this world and its people. 🙂

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  3. I think in the older days SF’er used to holler at radio and then later TV’s, but now they have a World Wide voice and the have found other F’ers! Now we have groups of WTF’ers banned together with a bigger F’er voice screaming, “You can’t teach our kids that stuff!”

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  4. Read the same news blip. Felt the same heat toward the new, educated yet illiterate, and insanely perverted society I live in. What is truly sad is that people pushing society to these extremes are allowed to breed.

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