Night Owl in the Apple Tree

Children are evil geniuses.

Our five-year-old takes inventory of everything we ask her to do that she refuses to do all day long. When it’s bedtime, she asks to do everything we begged her to do but she wouldn’t do, knowing that we are more likely to say yes to something she knows we want her to do so that she can stay up a little longer.  Water, healthy snacks, more reading, etc. “Remember? You said I needed to drink more water, right? You said I should eat apples.” It’s diabolical! All day, these items were arguments while she pushed our buttons and every boundary and did absolutely everything she knows for certain that she is not supposed to do. But it’s a setup. At night, she flips the script and suddenly wants to do every single thing we asked her to do the entire day. It’s brilliant, and it’s 11PM, and we’re eating enough apples and drinking enough water to be healthy for the next 80 years or so.

Sleep tight.

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  1. 💜 YOU!!! ARE Raising and Teaching Them My Friend just like Peter, Lois and Stewie; so Wear The Consequences and Learn from The “Evil Child Genius” and The Talking Dog 🐕 🙄 😑 😒 🤣 😄 🐕



    1. She’s quite tired, I assure you. If she stops being wild for 30 seconds, she falls right to sleep. She just never wants to sleep. The best part not mentioned here is that in the morning, it’s a different story. Apparently lying in bed with her eyes closed doing nothing is preferable to going to preschool. LOL

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      1. My son is the same way. Now that he is in the second grade, he will sleep right up until the bus gets here if I let him. But when he was in preschool and up until he was about halfway through the first grade, we had him fooled. Somehow, we tricked him into thinking school was fun. He was always rearing to go and excited to see his friends and his teachers. 😀

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