Darkest Day by Joseph D. Newcomer Now Available for Preorder

I’m thrilled to announce that my latest novel is now available for preorder on DeadStarPress.com. Darkest Day is a twisting, speculative, science fiction, mind-fuck indictment of religious and technological idolatry with a sharp look at how our choices and compassion define us as human beings. I hope you love it. Yes, those are anthropomorphic cartoon teeth. They are one of the antagonists in the story, just to give you some indication of how bizarre this is going to get.

Here is the back cover text:

Beta Sciences saved the world, but two years after Darkest Day killed a third of the population, the rest of humanity contends with an increasing infertility rate. Chris, a beleaguered, ennui-plagued office worker, struggles with his inability to give his wife a child. Though hesitant about having children, he would do just about anything to make Cecilia happy, but this isn’t his only problem. Chris still hates his job and would rather die than have to talk to Tom, his unrelentingly aggravating brother-in-law/neighbor with enormous, insulting cartoon teeth. However, what concerns him most is that he isn’t nearly as concerned as he should be about any of it.    

When a unique opportunity to give his wife a child arises, his compassion for her outweighs his misgivings about being a father. While Chris was never sure he wanted a baby, he is positive he never wanted this. After a technological nightmare destroys his fragile reality, he’ll wish he could go back to acting like he isn’t happy instead of being forced to pretend he is.

With the socially conscious heart of The Twilight Zone and the comedic sensibility of the film, Office Space, Darkest Day delves into the dangers of technological and religious idolatry. It is steeped in humor but offers a sharp look at how our choices and compassion define us as human beings.

“Our darkest days, behind us. Our brightest, ahead.”

This book is dedicated to parents—those who would be if they could be, those who aren’t
or choose not to be, those who are, even though they couldn’t be,
and those who do it alone.
All of it is life, and none of it is easy.


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