The Mount Rushmore of Four Horsemen

Self-Deprecation, Depreciation, and Decapitation

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Humans need three things to survive: Water, Food, and Air. Humanity needs three more: Wherewithal, Forethought, and Compassion. We’ve poisoned each of these things in the pursuit of wealth.  

The more we cut corners, ignore the human condition, pretend needs are commodities, and loosen oversight on profits, the more we will see of these preventable tragedies, the more damned, sicker, and weaker we will become, the less human, the more our hubris will fill the mass grave we call civilization. We are Conquest in our trivial pursuit of power and profit. We are Famine in the condoning of hunger with plentiful resources and complicit in the tainting of our nourishment. We are War in our hearts, in our minds, and in our streets. In all of these and in every way, we are Death. We personify our own demise. This is what it means when people talk about stupidity being the fall of humankind. This is the way the world ends, not with a bang, but a whimper. And we may not be heading for the end of life in the strictest of terms, but it does seem that we’re sliding down an ever-steepening slope toward the end of life, at the very least, as we know it–a life worth living for a majority of us. If you’re someone who believes as I do that life is better than the alternative, I would advocate for you to engage with someone who doesn’t see it as such and allow them to enlighten you as to why so that you might find the depth of compassion that will undoubtedly be required of all of us should we have any hope of clawing our way back up that steep slope.


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