Joseph D. Newcomer Nominated for Phoenix Magazine Best of the Valley Best Author 2023 *Vote Every Day from May 1-May 21

I’m absolutely honored that so many people took the time to nominate me for Phoenix Magazine’s Best of the Valley Best Author 2023. Your nominations got me to the finals. Voting for the finals begins on Monday, May 1 and goes through May 21. You can vote once a day. I’ll need all the votes I can get to get into the top three and be mentioned in the Best of the Valley issue. I already feel like it’s a huge win to be a nominated finalist, but why the Hell not try to win the damn thing, right? If all of you would be so kind as to vote once a day for the 21 days, or even just once on any of the days, I would be incredibly grateful. This could mean a lot for my writing and indie publishing company, Dead Star Press. Thanks again for all of your incredible support.

To vote, click the picture or button below, and scroll to the author category and select Joseph D. Newcomer.

Vote Joseph D. Newcomer Phoenix Magazine's Best of the Valley Best Author 2023

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