Rancor the Anchor

At some point in the recent past, some of us began blaming our problems on progress instead of adapting and moving forward. Due to our discomfort with change and mental inability to accept the fault or blame that allows for growth, some of us gnawed at the hands of natural, societal evolution. It’s a repeating pattern. While some take two steps forward, others argue that it’s regression and grasp for the reins to pull all of us a step and a half back in the wrong direction until the will and numbers of those with this mindset fade. Then a new set of detractors takes their place, allowing us to regain that step and a half only to become the same inhibitors for the next steps. I only wonder what we could achieve and the speed at which we could achieve it without this inherent inclination to perpetually fight the momentum of growth.

And that was Rancor the Anchor. Maybe someday we can break the cycle, but every time I cringe at some new trend, I know that we all eventually start to have these thoughts. I’ll do my best to stop. I hope you will too.

If it pisses you off a lot. Maybe my latest book will help. It’s called Fucking Relax: A Journal for Mental Well-Being.

It’s a choose-your-own-adventure, self-guided, self-care journal that gives you a chance to work out your frustrations while receiving a repeated daily affirmation intended to help you shrug off bullshit that doesn’t actually matter to you or is presently out of your control. Write it down, get it all out, and Fucking Relax. Pairs well with (legal) medical and recreational Marijuana products.

“Relax!” is the single most annoying thing to hear when you’re upset. But maybe that’s because we’re saying it wrong. It’s not particularly bad advice, but I thought it needed to be conveyed a little differently. I attempted to do just that with Fucking Relax.

The top Each page asks you to write about whatever is making you hope for the apocalypse today. The bottom of each page is an affirmation to you that your feelings are valid but then also gives you the push we sometimes need to let go of the irritation a little once we have it all out of our systems. I included a dedication to all of you who are intelligent enough to be at least a little bit miserable because that means you are at least a little bit right. At the end, I reprinted an older blog post and podcast episode entitled “Self on the Shelf” about our absolute need for self-care and self-compassion. It’s not overly positive bullshit. I don’t imagine any of you expect anything like that from me at this point, but It’s real, and I hope it really helps. I’ve done some beta testing with friends who have done exercises like this for their mental health before, and the response was overwhelmingly good.

You can preorder it right now at deadstarpress.com, and it will be available soon on Amazon and some other retailers.

Click here to check it out on DeadStarPress.com

Have a g’day, a g’week, a g’luck trying to Fucking Relax a little, a g’whatever-the-fuck you’re doing. Bye.

Joseph D. Newcomer


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