Sign the Petition – Make Paul Rudd Day a Reality

After the interest in my latest blog post and the support everyone gave for Paul Rudd Day, I decided to take the only logical next step in making what is certain to be the best holiday ever, a reality. Please check out the petition, read all about the specifics of Paul Rudd Day, and sign [...]

Paul Rudd Day

I think we can all agree that, societally, we are at a psychological boiling point and people have drastically opposing viewpoints on how to solve any of our issues. I don’t know the answer, but I think I have a pretty good idea of a solid first step. Mandatory random day off of work for everyone [...]

The Dynamics of Static

What it must take to remain a static character in your own story! How harrowing, the task of fending off change, growth, and self-actualization! How pitiful, the reason for such a desire! How defeating, the triumph; how trivial, the fortune when you feign to believe you are content being the person you were yesterday while [...]