Sign the Petition – Make Paul Rudd Day a Reality

After the interest in my latest blog post and the support everyone gave for Paul Rudd Day, I decided to take the only logical next step in making what is certain to be the best holiday ever, a reality.

Please check out the petition, read all about the specifics of Paul Rudd Day, and sign the petition to be part of the RUDDvolution. Every time someone signs for Paul Rudd Day, an angel gets to slappa da bass.

Details from the petition:

I think we can all agree that our society is at a psychological boiling point, and people have drastically opposing viewpoints on how to solve any of our issues. I don’t know the answer, but I think I have a pretty good idea of a solid first step. Make Paul Rudd’s birthday, April 6th, a federal holiday. During this day the government will provide access to a free streaming network which airs a marathon of movies and series featuring Paul Rudd. You can watch from any town hall, bar, retirement community center, or city center. Pizza, snacks, and soda will also be provided and paid for by the US Government. Everyone is encouraged to take part and business owners will be incentivized through tax deductions to participate by ensuring workers the full day off. If at any point anyone engages in arguing about anything, they will be immediately removed from all festivities and will be offered compassionate mental evaluations by qualified State run facilities, because if you are angry while watching “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” or “I Love You Man” you probably are suffering and need some form of treatment and compassion. All workers who must work on Paul Rudd Day to allow for the masses to not work, must be paid time and a half and will be given the option to take part in festivities on an alternate date. 

Paul Rudd Day, let’s start there and see if we can bring about the change our society needs. 

If you agree, please share this post with everyone you know.

Be the change you seek!

Joseph D. Newcomer

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