Vocational Advocation

Every so often, not nearly often enough, I try to consider all of the things I’ve done, choices I’ve made, paths I’ve chosen for the better or worse; all of the terrible and wonderful bullshit which has built this life and those which have chipped away at its meaning. I consider the irrational and grounded ideals which blend together and somehow stick while others slide off, barely leaving a trace except the film and stink that abandoned philosophies often do. I consider these things and I make a concerted effort to sever myself from the delusion that these are what anyone else needs. These were my woes and triumphs, they give ME an understanding. I can’t assume nor decide nor command that they be of any use to anyone else. Still, all too readily, I’ll share them in the event that they could, but with a struggling humility that knows, deep down, coincidence is not universal.

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