The Darwinian Dissension

Age is not indicative of intelligence. At previous points in history, the duration of a human’s life would have been a sign of cunning, outwitting the harsh elements, succeeding according to Darwin, but now it only means you’ve been inundated with the absurdity of society’s failing intellect for longer than those who come after you. Experience is not intelligence, it can lead to it, but to confuse the two shows a lack of both. Your ability to learn decreases as time goes by, intelligence is your ability to learn. Our youngest minds are our greatest hope. They haven’t the hinderance of archaic tradition. In age, we may lose adaptability, but we are truly lost when we decide to no longer respect, value, and applaud it. Refusing to understand this makes it no less true, though it will give you a commonality with the worst of humanity, alienate you from those who would enrich your existence, and liberate you from the burden of logic, reason, and decency.

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