Thoughts from Inside a Crumbling Society

These are random thoughts from the past couple of weeks. Some of these I’ve shared on social media, and a few, I haven’t. Maybe there is something here that will connect with some of you which is one of life’s true means of satisfaction.

There is no “They.”
There is no “Them.”
There is only us, and some of us suck

The world wouldn’t be in such desperate need of a few individuals willing to stand up for what is right if more people would just stop pretending that nothing is wrong.

We’re looking at situations where so much of what’s happening is wrong & demanding each other to pick only one thing. It’s impossible. Stop arguing. A lot is wrong. Give a shit about others, some don’t, that’s why we’re here.

I hope this is the death rattle of American bigotry and not a renaissance. I hope it is the last dying effort of the old guard to hold onto these archaic ideals instead of it being more sickening repetition of this broken record cycle.

If good policewomen and men want to make a positive change, they should all remove their badges, turn around, and join the peaceful protestors. It may become a little more clear who is on the side of humanity.

Something that is terrible isn’t made better by pointing out something else you feel is more terrible. Let’s make a concerted effort to stop minimizing other people’s suffering and other people’s wrongdoing.

It’s amazing how much more receptive people are when you’re telling them what they want to hear. 

-political savvy

Look for reasons to understand why someone thinks the way they do instead of looking for a way you disagree and making it about yourself.

The moral majority is morally bankrupt.
If you want people to listen to you, you’re going to have to start telling them what they want to hear.

We are offended when we are forced to face our fragility, and that is why we are angry and sad and lost.

If you want to avoid all disappointment, you’ll first need to get comfortable with abandoning all hope and expectation.

There is a vast difference between being a dumb person and being an evil person. It just so happens that their interests and values overlap a lot. 

I love America, but if our parents taught us anything, it’s that you can love something and be disappointed in it at the same time. 

-Joseph D. Newcomer


  1. *Clapping loudly.
    Thanks for being you, sir. You’re needed. Make sure that others like understand how much you guys are needed. I commend you and your family for helping people understand the differences needed to be understood.

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