The All-Inclusive Inevitabilities of Your Life

On Ari’s 3rd Birthday

It’s no more about how you play the game than it is winning or losing. It’s just random, uncontrollable, chaotic moments, some better than others. String a few of those better ones together, and you’ve got yourself a “good” life, and still, probably one for which you will be eternally and unjustifiably ungrateful, more often than not. You’ll inevitably be more gracious in flourishes of fortune. You’ll probably be at your worst in times of unsatisfied desperation. You’ll find appreciation for that which you’ve casually left aside when you regretfully find a need for it and it is no longer at your, once aloof, fingertips. You’ll be most accommodating when you have something to gain. You will be anxious about everything, above all, death. You’ll do your best to be above these things. Sometimes, your decency will persevere. Other times, it won’t. There will only be certainty in imperfection, but there is also beauty in it. You will need to forgive yourself. At times, you will not be able to. You’ll learn humility. You’ll be ecstatic and morose and sometimes, both. You will laugh. You’ll care deeply about things you cannot express but will have no issue expressing grand swings of emotion for things which you couldn’t care less. You will cry. Then, someday, when it is very quiet and these perils and triumphs subside, you will miss each separate moment. 

And every second of it, you will be loved.

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  1. There’s a wealth of comfort and beauty in this paragraph. “You will need to forgive yourself. At times, you will not be able to,” was an eye opener. Perhaps I can forgive myself for not being able to completely forgive myself for one or two things..Thanks for the follow!

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