The Kids Are Alright

If future generations are forced to suffer the same problems for which we are capable of finding solutions or have already found solutions, we will have failed. There exists an impulse within the bleakest cracks in the human psyche which drives us to purposely reengineer the same obstacles we have been unfortunate enough to endure. While many of the naturally occurring obstacles; these rights of passage we have faced, are vital to each of our development as well as the development of those who will come after us, the obstacles we resurrect after solving simply to make the difficulties of life seem fairly distributed; simply to make others trudge through the entirely avoidable muck even after we’ve built a bridge for ourselves to pass with ease; those hurtles which only serve to haze, they are selfish and self-serving and only halt the progress of mankind. These problems shouldn’t need to be revisited. They can only serve to distract new generations from solving problems we’ve never had to face, from answering questions we have yet to ask, from making life better for those who will come after them. Our pointed fingers shake and shame when they should point only to offer our most informed practices; our most accurate direction, and we should understand that those practices can always afford improvement.

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